J: PDA is not OK

Context: My first Hinge date! I talked with ‘Ginger’ for a while on Hinge, and he liked that I was a consultant, because he had a problem to solve – he will never be a full ginger, because he doesn’t have freckles. We agreed to meet for drinks on Thursday to discuss a solution, but I … More J: PDA is not OK

J: 0 to 100 Real Quick

Context: I started talking to ‘Clinger,’ an attractive blonde with a strange penchant for sunglasses, on Tinder one Sunday. He said he “had a good feeling” about me, so we transitioned to text fairly quickly. Over my many years (months) (…weeks) of Tinder dating, I have honed the craft of determining whether a man is talking to … More J: 0 to 100 Real Quick

Moments: Height Matters

In the presence of alcohol (homemade Sangria* the drink of choice on this particular night), I ask the hard-hitting questions to my Tinder matches. Some take it better than others. Sorry? *I had a watermelon left over from a work event (don’t ask) and I chopped it up and put it in wine. Sangria!