Moments: Your bio will make or break you

Ah, the personal bio. That looming, blank space that greets you when you create a new dating profile, excited about the thousands – nay, millions – of potential suitors/drink-buyers at your beck and call. Don’t. Fuck. Up. So, what to include? The super deep lyrics to your absolute favorite song of Summer 2015 this week? “KCCO“?* Your … More Moments: Your bio will make or break you

Moments: Height Matters

In the presence of alcohol (homemade Sangria* the drink of choice on this particular night), I ask the hard-hitting questions to my Tinder matches. Some take it better than others. Sorry? *I had a watermelon left over from a work event (don’t ask) and I chopped it up and put it in wine. Sangria!

Moments: Pasty?!

Context: This dude wasn’t cute, but I swiped right on him because his bio promised to tell me what celebrity I look like. He wasn’t helpful. Also, gentlemen, “Pasty” is not a nice descriptor of a pale girl’s skin. Porcelain, fair, ANYTHING else…