Moments: Your bio will make or break you

Ah, the personal bio. That looming, blank space that greets you when you create a new dating profile, excited about the thousands – nay, millions – of potential suitors/drink-buyers at your beck and call.

Don’t. Fuck. Up.

So, what to include? The super deep lyrics to your absolute favorite song of Summer 2015 this week? “KCCO“?* Your very unique interests that really set you apart from the crowd, like ‘the gym,’ ‘traveling,’ ‘music,’ and ‘fun’? Oh wow, how can you read those words without your ovaries exploding? (Hint: you can’t).

*Still pretty sure this is a sex position and no one has proved me otherwise

There are gems everywhere – it’s like playing Minesweeper on “Extremely Difficult” level, but you WANT to hit the mines!! Haha, fun times! Here are my personal favorites this week:


I am so, so in love with this person, but swiped left because he is hopelessly unattractive. Womp womp.


What a coincidence! I am also inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and my everyday observations about psycho-, socio-, anthropology! It fits in really well with my love for free styling while climbing.

Find a good bio? Please share it with us!


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