M: Just keep swiping

Context: I had never used Tinder before moving in with J and L, but after one night of swapping date stories and passing judgment on complete strangers I was in! Also, we had no wifi for the first two weeks in our apartment, and we had to find SOMETHING to pass the time…

I made my account with a balance of cute, fun, and adventurous pictures and began swiping away. Within one evening of wine with the girls and some casual swiping I managed to swipe left through 3 of my friend’s ex’s, 4 guys I’d heard wayyy too much about in college and 1 of my friend’s current boyfriends –well at least she says he is.

But, the craziest finding was seeing myself on Tinder. There I was just swiping along – left, left, left, right, left – when I saw myself! I must admit it was a great picture of me! But, I’m still not sure why my ex-boyfriend is using a picture of us as his main cover picture on Tinder.  I wonder what he refers to me as if girls ask “who’s that astonishingly beautiful girl in your pic!?”

Anyway, this whole Tinder thing was looking less and less promising. But, within no time the matches came rolling in! Then the awkward conversations began … So it turns out that when you match with someone and open the page with your new match the conversation has NOT actually started yet. That little blurb below their picture is written by Tinder and the guy has NEVER seen it. I incidentally began multiple tinder conversations by replying to the automatically generated comments. The majority of my initial matches thought I was either crazy or a complete ditz … that is when I discovered the magical unmatch button!

If there is one thing that Tinder helps reinforce it’s that there are plenty of guys out there, so don’t fret too much over any one of them. It’s something you’re just supposed to “keep playing” anyway! My overall advice to other new tinder users: just keep swiping!

❤ M

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